The "we" decides

Times like these call for a strong collective.

WE USE OUR IQ in several ways:

It's about the weQ from Roschiwal + Partner

At a time
when markets could not be more demanding,
having a competitive advance is the key to success.

The individual is no longer enough to create this advantage.
ROSCHIWAL + PARTNER therefore combines its own breadth
of knowledge with a culture of togetherness.

As a collective, we empower people to develop relevant solutions
for demanding customers. We promise real competitive advantage
through broad knowledge.

We call this
weQ Engineering

weQ: The we-intelligence

A strong collective
with special expertise

As a strong collective, we place great value on a collaborative working environment. Together, we combine our individual strengths to create a living “we“ culture and use this to offer our solutions for exciting customers and markets. We communicate as equals, see appreciation as a prerequisite for strong teams and offer our employees real prospects for the future.

This benefits our employees, our customers and our partners. Because the future is best shaped together.

We-intelligence is crucial for relevant solutions. René Hedrich, CEO

Collaborative thinking
and working:
We are the home of

Challenging times, increasing market demands, increasingly shorter development cycles: only those who can react quickly and flexibly will survive in the market. Depending on the task at hand, we therefore put our teams together dynamically and in a customised way and bring in other creative minds during the brainstorming phase.

We develop working models, environments, training programmes and formats for the collective of the future. This benefits our employees, our customers and our partners. Because the best way to shape the future is together!

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