Clean room technology

The requirement profiles of cleanrooms, for example for medical technology, the pharmaceutical industry or semiconductor production, production in vacuum condition, differ greatly - with and without GMP requirements. Our engineers therefore always start with a blank sheet of paper and focus on your individual solution right from the start. The focus is on efficiency and quality for clean rooms or airlocks. In addition, we contribute our knowledge from a wide range of industries and specialist areas. Take advantage of our knowledge.

  • Manipulators for assembly with repeat accuracies <1 μm
  • Handling systems for vacuum cleaning systems
  • Industrial truck with 3-axis positioning system for class 6 cleanrooms
  • Load handling devices for crane and mover handling
  • Gantry handling system for the automation and loading of processing centers for cleanroom components
  • Grinding devices for optical lenses
  • 5-axis measuring machine for quality control of optical components

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